Silverlight in Windows 8

I’m watching the BUILD conference online and they’ve just covered some details about the new Windows 8 Platform and App Store. There have been rumors about this store and what technologies it will support. It turns out the developer has a number of options.

There are two categories of apps:

  1. Metro style apps
  2. Desktop apps

Desktop apps are what we’re all familiar with now in Windows 7 and past versions of Windows. Metro-style apps are touch-enabled and have fluid interfaces that mimic Windows Phone 7.

As for the technologies that these apps can be built with, this image from the conference sums it up pretty well…

They’ve demoed a couple apps so far in the conference. One was a simple HTML5/Javascript app called PhotoDoodle. The other was a Silverlight app that was actually taken from Scott Guthrie’s blog from a series of posts a couple years ago. The cool part is that they were able to take Scott’s code and make a XAML-based Metro style app out of it with minimal code changes. Some of the API’s and Namespaces are a little different so there are some feature checks in place like this…

Some Silverlight developers were worried that the App Store would only support HTML5, but clearly that’s not the case. XAML has its place on Windows 8 as well.

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