March 2011 Contest Results

First of all, thanks goes to everyone who has contributed to This site has been a vision of mine for over a year and I’m excited to see it come alive.

The contest was a bit ambitious as it turns out. There have been 19 products submitted to the site coming from 3 people. But there was only one sale. A single license of the excellent Silverlight Wizard Carousel by Bob DeCuir was purchased about a week ago.

With that said, I can announce a winner…

1st place
Bob DeCuir
Bob has a $1,000 check coming his way. Since there weren’t any other sales I can’t announce 2nd and 3rd place winners. But I’m still giving $50 Amazon gift cards to Zachary Bauer and Tom Jorgenson for all their hard work and contributions. These 3 guys have helped jump start this site and I think they all deserve recognition for that. Thanks again guys!

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